George De Ridder,
Pr.Eng., C.Eng., FSAICE, FIStructE, P.Eng.
Structural Engineer
Principal of GDR Structural Engineers Inc

Formal Education

  • M.S. degree, (Structural Eng.),
    University of California (Berkeley, USA)
  • B.Sc., (Civil Engineering)
    degree, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • B.Sc., (Applied Mathematics)
    degree, University Pretoria
  • Diploma Business Management,   Damelin College, Johannesburg.

Employment History

  • Current – GDR Structural Engineers Inc, Coquitlam, since Oct 2015
  • 2004 – Sept 2015:  Associated Engineering BC Ltd, Structural specialist
  • 1998 – 2004:  George De Ridder Consulting Civil Engineers, South Africa, owner and principle engineer.
  • 1996 – 1998:  MBB Consulting Engineers, South Africa, Functional Head of Structural Engineering.
  • 1981 – 1996:  Burger Pretorius & Partners Consulting Engineers South Africa, Director Structural Engineering.
  • 1973 – 1981:  BKS Consulting Engineers, Pretoria, Senior Associate Engineer.
  • 1965 -1972:  Fuel Research Institute of South Africa (Engineering Div.), Research Officer


  • APEGBC Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia
  • ISTRUCTE Institute of Structural Engineers, (Fellow member)
  • SAICE South African Institute of Civil Engineers (Fellow Member).  Joint Structural Division of SAICE-IStructE

Key Competencies

George is competent from 42 years of experience and applicable academic education in the following key fields: Structural design of buildings (architectural, industrial, residential), liquid and soil retaining structures, foundation systems, blast resistant structures, condition assessment of above, seismic upgrades of above and seismic restraining of equipment. Deconstruction and demolition planning. Experience includes project
management, professional team management, practice management and volunteer services in professional learned societies.

Summary of Experience

George has 44 years of experience in structural and civil engineering, including successful projects in continental Africa, the Indian Ocean islands and Canada, having designed a variety of buildings, pedestrian bridges, water reservoirs, towers, tanks, silos, water and wastewater treatment plants, tunnels, canals, large dams, complex structures such as domes and masts, and seismic and blast/ballistic resistant buildings. He is familiar with codes of practice of Canada, UK and South Africa. His experience includes the seismic assessment and retrofit of building structures in BC and foundation structures for cold climates.  He is experienced in the design of hardened and blast resistant structures, including research, project planning and

George currently volunteer as Honorary Secretary, and previously served as elected Chairperson for the Western Canada Group of Chartered Engineers in Vancouver.

Company Responsibilities

George manages GDR practice and provides professional services to consulting firms, contractors, property managers and the public in engineering of civil and building structures across Canada and abroad, being registered in British Columbia Canada and in South Africa.

Presentations and Publications link
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  • “Structural Design of Cellular Substations Under Electric Fault Blast Loading”, 4th International Conference on Structures Under Shock and Impact, Thessalonica, Greece June 1998.
  • Design and Testing of Underground Military Facility Subject to Impact And Ground Shock”, International ASCE Specialty Conference on Structures for Enhanced Safety and Physical Security, Arlington, VA, USA, March 1989.
  • Protection of Tall Buildings Under Blast Loading”, Concrete Society of South Africa, International Conference on Tall Buildings and Concrete, Sun City, October 1989.
  • Guidelines for the design of protective structures”, Committee on protective structures, Structural Division, South African Institution of Civil Engineers, June 1991, co-author and editor.


  • Taught Structural Analysis and Design to undergraduate architectural students as part-time lecturer on invitation by University Pretoria, Building Science Department (Professor Hauptfleisch).
  • External examiner for Department of Civil Engineering, University of Pretoria to graduate students in structural engineering (Professor Ben Van Rensburg).

Selection of projects to illustrate scope of project experience of George De Ridder.

  • The following breakdown illustrates selected projects in which George had key roles, for example project manager, design leader or both. The list is not a complete chronology of all the work George have successfully completed.

Industrial Buildings and Structures

  • Grit tower, Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, Metro Vancouver, Richmond, BC:  Responsible for the multi-discipline project management, development of the design concepts, client liaison and leading the structural detail design team as Structural Engineer of Record.  The project included a concrete platform structure for six cyclone grit clarifiers with integrated discharge hopper bin and mechanical facilities like pumps, valves and piping.  The facility is on the critical path of the process in a strategic sewerage plant, classified as post disaster structure. It is founded on fill that is underlain by deep liquefiable silty soil and high seismic hazard index.  Pushover analyses were applied to determine the demand-capacity relation of the concrete braced frame structure.
  • Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, Seismic Assessment, Metro Vancouver, Richmond, BC
  • Central Composting Facility, City of Hamilton, ON:  Structural Engineer responsible for detailed design of a 15,000 m2 municipal solid waste composting facility delivered as a Design/Build/Operate project with Maple Reinders Constructors, Aim Environmental (operations), and Christiaens Group (technology and equipment).  The compost process methodology is based on the tunnel system, designed in precast concrete on strip footings for fast-track construction. Precast walls were designed for push loading from heavy loaders compressing waste against the walls. Walls also provided lateral seismic and wind stability to the global structure.  The project included a double storey masonry/concrete office building.
  • Blue-IQ Automotive Park, Rosslyn, South Africa:  Provided structural design concept, detailed design, tender design, provided advice and consultation to other disciplines, and completed final documentation of concrete and steel structures of the industrial factory and warehousing for automotive industry. Conducted on-site construction quality control.  Project Value:  $11.0 M.
  • Turbo-Poly-X Sasolburg, South Africa:  Structural Specialist responsible for conceptual and detail structural design including the Report of Blast Resistance.  Project included petro-chemical plant laboratories and management complex, hardened design for
    blast resistance against probable propane gas explosions nearby.  Three-level concrete building 3000 m2.  Project Value:  $25 M.
  • Pyramid Abattoir, Abattoir Corp, South Africa (near Pretoria):  Project Structural Director responsible for conceptual and specialist structural design, detailed design, and construction quality control of largest modern abattoir in southern hemisphere for 2000 head of cattle/day. Demanding specifications for hygiene and durability of architecture and engineering.  Steel and concrete.  The project was awarded by SAICE for excellence in 1989.  Project Value:  $60 M.

Schools and Educational Institutions 


  • East Prairie Métis School, AB:  $4 M project Structural Engineer of Record responsible for the design concepts and detail design of the new 1500 m2 single storey masonry buildings, including tender documentation, tender services and site inspections during construction.  Design required conventional load bearing CMU walls and steel roof deck on open web joists.  Some zones required structural steel construction with architecturally exposed framing and glass. Foundations were all on friction steel piles in poor soils and high water table.  The seismic hazard index of the site classifies as low.  The school was opened in September 2008.
  • Peavine Métis School and Hockey Arena, AB:  $4 M. Structural Engineer of Record responsible for the design concepts and detail
    design in collaboration with the project architect.  The project included a 40 m long ice hockey arena complex.
  • Educational Buildings, University of Pretoria Dept. of Economics, Pretoria, South Africa:  Project Structural Director responsible for structural design and construction quality control of architectural offices, lecture halls, and facilities.  Project Value:  $12 M.
  • Technicon Pretoria Hostels and Facilities, Pretoria, South Africa:  Project Engineer responsible for conceptual structural design, detailed design, and construction quality control.  Multi-storied (up to five storeys), reinforced concrete buildings.  Project Value:  $16 M.

Transportation Facilities

  • Stanleypark Vancouver Route 1, BC, widening for cycling paths, MOT, 2015-16: design concept and QA review of retaining walls design and construction, Design Built project. Environmental sensitive construction.
  • Athabasca River Bridge, Suncor, Fort McMurray, AB, 2011-2014: Lead Structural Designer of the spillage containment covers over 400 m long bridge carrying oil conveyance pipes, environmental protection against pipe burst. $25M design/build project.
  • BC Ferries, Tsawwassen Terminal, Richmond, BC:  Project Manager and Lead Structural Engineer of Record (structural team of four) responsible for assessment and design recommendations to upgrade the vehicle transfer ramps and decks to acceptable
    seismic resistance levels in terms of the 2006-BC Building Code, as well as the MOT recommendations for vehicle bridges.
    Project also included a seismic assessment and retrofit.  Pushover analyses were applied to determine the demand-capacity relation of the concrete frame structure.  Scope included detailed site investigations, modeling, and analyses of the existing hybrid precast structure’s integrity under seismic loading, retrofit design, costing and construction supervision. Design/Build project.
  • Swartz Bay Retrofit, BC Ferries, Victoria, BC:  Structural engineering team member for independent third party review of the retrofit of the passenger terminal parking lot deck at the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.  Value $1.2 M.
  • Howes Street Overpass, Highway 91A, New Westminster, BC:  Structural engineering team member for review of four-lane, overpass design along Highway 91A, as part of the Border Infrastructure Program.  Project Value:  $3.5 M.
  • Cranbrook Airport BC, Transport Canada, Cranbrook, BC:  Project included extension of approach runways, multiple foundation
    designs for antenna masts subjected to restricted movement, built on frost susceptible ground and high fill embankments. Project Value:  $0.5 M.

Hardened & Blast Resistant Security Complexes and Air Bases

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  • Fortis LNG plant Control Building, Delta, BC, 2015-2016: Lead Structural Designer for $5M 600 m2 building designed for resisting gas cloud accidental explosion and fire storm.
  • Paardenfontein, Defencetech, Northern Province, South Africa:  Provided the total conceptual and detailed design engineering of hardened shooting tunnel for armoured canon (155 mm attack weapon) ammunitions testing.  Specialized knowledge of ballistic impact was applied on steel and concrete components. Classified project.  Project Value:  $10 M.
  • PBMR Blast Relieve System, South Africa:  Proto-type development and design of explosion pressure safety relieve system of ducts and valves for a new generation of modular nuclear reactor plant.  Project Value:  $100 M.
  • Middle East Military Projects:  Design of aircraft bunkers and underground ammunitions magazines, and command centres against ICBM missile ballistics.  Project was shelved.  Potential value $250 M. 
  • Verdrag, Northern Province, South Africa:  Project Engineer and specialist of conceptual and detailed design and Project Manager during construction of double-storey training centre for police special operations task forces.  Facility is hardened for repetitive
    ballistics impact from hand guns and attack rifles.  Project Value:  $9 M.
  • Plattekloof, Department of Public Works, Western Province, South Africa:  Specialist Engineer responsible for conceptual and detailed design of large, hardened data/information strategic underground centre protected against mines, mortar, car bomb, and RPG threat. Project shelved.  Project Value:  $30 M.
  • Braambos, Northern Province, South Africa, (Classified):  Project Engineer, Detail Designer and Project Manager during construction for new military air base.  Facility incorporated numerous hardened aircraft shelters (igloo format) for jet and helicopter
    fighters, hardened personnel shelters, hardened underground fuel storage reservoirs, all designed for air missile attack.  Project Value:  $100 M.
  • Air Base for Department of Public Works and Defence, near Polokwane Limpopo Province, South Africa (Classified):  Project Structural Director and Project Manager spanning ten years. Research, detailed structural analyses and design for hardened aircraft shelters.  Conducted construction quality control and contract administration.  Project included large, new air base with hardened aircraft shelters and personnel facilities, protected against ground and air missile attack.  Project Value:  $150 M.
  • State Department Inland affairs, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa:  Specialist Engineer responsible for conceptual and detailed design of hardened data/archive strategic centre protected against mines, mortar, car bomb, and RPG threat.  Project Value:  $10 M.
  • Zomerfeldt, Western Province and BME, Northern Province, South Africa:  Project Engineer for conceptual and detailed hardening design of explosives testing chambers for industrial and research facilities.  Project Value:  $1 M.
  • Hoedspruit Air Base Communications Centre, Northern Province, South Africa, (Classified):  Completed conceptual and detailed design of hardened, underground, self-contained operational centre for air space control.  Designed for air missile attack and ground shock.  Completed research paper and field testing after construction. Project Value:  $70 M.
  • Advena, Pelindaba, South Africa:  Project Engineer for conceptual and detailed design of hardened explosives testing facility for industrial use.  Project included confined blast chamber with ventilation system, observation windows, and blast doors for repetitive
    ballistic testing.  Project Value:  $10 M.
  • WCF, Midrand Gauteng, South Africa:  Project Engineer for conceptual and detailed design of hardened data/archive strategic centre protected against mines, mortar, car bomb, and RPG threat. 1993  Project Value:  $10 M.
  • Brakfontein Centurion, South Africa:  Specialist engineer for conceptual and detailed design for hardened computer/information strategic centre protected against mines, mortar, bar bomb, and RPG threat.  Project Value:  $50 M.
  • Azalea and Rapid Fire (PMP), Pretoria, South Africa:  Completed planning, detailed design, and construction supervision for
    hardened ammunitions storage bunkers and site revetments for industrial factory.  Project Value:  $30 M.
  • Defence Headquarters: Project Blenny, Pretoria, South Africa (Classified):  Project Engineer and Resident Engineer for three years. Completed research and detailed structural analyses and hardening design, and construction quality control of large, self-contained military operations centre with underground shelter several stories deep.  Designed hardened concrete structure against
    air missile attack.  Project Value:  $80 M.

Electrical Facilities

  • New Road Electrical Substation serving Johannesburg-Midrand Industrial Region, South Africa:  Lead Structural Design Engineer responsible for conceptual design, detailed design, specialist structural design, and construction quality control of hardened building, a 132 kV strategic substation in Midrand, Gauteng near Johannesburg.  Enclosed switchgear in building designed for containment of explosion due to accidental electrical arc fault of approximately 6 GW between switchgear.
    Building envelope designed for internal blast resistance. Project Value:  $6.0 M.
  • Dumas Electrical Substation, Port Louis, Mauritius:  Project Structural Director responsible for conceptual
    and specialist structural design, detailed design, and construction quality
    control of hardened concrete building.
    Project is strategic substation in Mauritius network.  Enclosed switchgear in building which is
    designed for containment of explosion due to accidental electrical fault.  Project Value:  $3.5 M.
  • Polifin Sasolburg, AECI Modderfontein, Samancor Metals, South Africa:  Various small projects involving design of
    hardening of industrial electrical switch rooms, explosives magazines, and blast walls.  Project Value:  $5M.
  • Cargo Electrical Substation Serving Johannesburg International Airport, South Africa:
    Project Engineer responsible for conceptual design, detailed design, specialist structural design, and construction quality control of hardened building, a 66 KV strategic substation in Kempton Park Gauteng near Johannesburg International Airport.
    Enclosed switchgear in building designed for containment of explosion due to accidental electrical fault.
    Total building designed for vented internal blast resistance.  Project Value:  $5.0 M.
  • Slurry Electrical Station, Escom, Northwestern Province, South Africa:  Project Engineer for conceptual and detailed design of hardened indoor station, designed to resist internal blast from electrical arc fault explosion.  Total building designed for vented internal blast resistance. Project Value:  $3.5 M.

Corporate and Commercial Offices

  • USAID Embassy Office Building, Pretoria, South Africa:  Structural Specialist responsible for conceptual structural design, detailed design, and construction quality control of hardened building.  Hardened, multi-storey, office building is 6500 m2, designed for terrorist protection and heavy explosion resistance.  Design reports were peer reviewed and approved by international specialists.  Project Value:  $16 M.
  • AVBOB Headquarters, Pretoria CBD, South Africa:  Project Structural Director responsible for conceptual structural design, detailed design, and construction quality control of 16 storeys, corporate office building with multiple parking basements.
    Project Value:  $75 M.
  • Human Resources Corporation  Offices Building, Headquarters for Human Research Council, Pretoria CBD, South Africa:
    Team Leader for conceptual structural design and detailed design of eight-storey architectural concrete frame corporate landmark building, approximately 15 000 m2. Project Value:  $39 M.

Demolition and Deconstruction

  • Punteledge Electrical Power House and Penstocks, Comox, BC, BC Hydro, 2015-16: Wrote successful proposals for
    deconstruction design, senior concept design review and project quality assurance.
  • Mount Nansen Mine, Carmacks, Yukon Province, 2014 ongoing, Government remediation project: Lead structural specialist
    engineer responsible for planning of the deconstruction of infrastructure on the mine site. It included characterization assessments of extensive process buildings, roads and electrical infrastructure, demolition planning and disposition of hazardous waste.
  • Hidden Lake Mine, Yellowknife, Northern Territories Government, 2010/11, George developed designs with construction
    services to cap four abandoned gold mine shafts for this defunct mine with considerable environmental hazard implications.
  • Rock Blasting Excavations, Gitwinksilkw Water Treatment Plant, BC:  Rock blasting was required for preparing of a building site, in close proximity of residential houses.  Reviewed the Blasting Plan (from specialist contractor) and provided recommendations to mitigate risk of damage to the nearby houses located down-hill. Features of the blasting procedure included monitoring of air blast
    pressure and peak particle velocity (PPV) predictions at house foundations.  The rock blasting was completed successfully
    and without damage claims.
  • Pitt River Bridge, Pier Demolitions, Maple Ridge, BC:  Five in-river concrete piers of the old bridge were demolished in close proximity to the newly completed bridge.  Reviewed the Blasting Plan (from specialist contractor) and provided recommendations to mitigate risk of damage to the nearby houses.  Features of the blasting procedure included safety procedures with monitoring of peak particle velocity (PPV) predictions at nearby house foundations, as well as air blast pressure measurements at preselected distances.
    The demolition of all piers was completed successfully and without damage claims.
  • Miramar-Con Mine, Refinery Plant, Yellowknife, NT:  Assisted the owner with planning of the phased demolition and de-construction of three large gold refinery plants and wrote the specifications for safe demolition and deconstruction.  Some of the structures are heavy timber and date from the early 1930’s, posing high safety risk.  Other sections were modern steel construction
    with high salvage potential.  Arsenic contamination and chemical hazard of wood and steel components was a particular
    challenge, to comply with environmental and safety laws of recycling and disposal.  Some zones were salvageable
    for re-use, while others were contaminated beyond re-processing and destined to toxic waste.  Planning included site
    inspections and identification of structural features, the identification of contamination through different zones of the plant, and developed a strategy that included demolishing, deconstruction of implosion of different zones in a controlled manner for economical salvaging of materials.
  • CN Railway Station Demolition, North Vancouver, BC  Assisted the owner with planning of the phased demolition and de-construction of three buildings and wrote the specifications for safe demolition and deconstruction.  Some of the structures are heavy timber and date from the 1950’s, containing asbestos and lead paint.  Some sections were steel construction with
    high salvage potential.  George wrote all specifications and was involved in the deconstruction activities to oversee
    compliance. All demolished materials were managed for compliance with environmental and safety laws of recycling and disposal.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities Experience

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant, Tsawwassen First Nations, Delta BC, 2013 2015:  Lead Structural Engineer for new 17 ML/day
    wastewater treatment plant.  $40M design/build project, including process tanks and buildings.
  • Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, Richmond BC, 2008-on-going: Lead Structural Design Engineer and
    RPR for the following projects by Metro Vancouver:

·2013-2017 New Solids-Degritting Building – integral part of major upgrade program of solids handling process, including upgrades to digesters. Construction to be completed in 2017. Design objectives included post disaster status to remain operational after an earthquake on liquefiable geology. Site-specific response spectra criteria based on ground improvements with timber piles were used.

· 2010-2011 New Grit Tower for de-gritting process upgrades – included feasibility studies and project management to construction. Design objectives included post disaster status to remain operational after an earthquake on liquefiable geology. Site-specific response spectra criteria based on un-improved ground were used.

· 2008-2009 Comprehensive Seismic Assessment and Concept Upgrade Design Report with cost estimates of entire plant. Lead a structural team of four to assess and report on the seismic vulnerability of all the process buildings and containment structures.  Structures were then up to 45-years old and were assessed in terms of the 2006 BC Building Code and other codes pertaining to containment tanks, tunnels, large bore conduits and basement structures. Site-specific response spectra criteria based on
un-improved ground were used. 
 The project included development of seismic retrofit solutions with cost estimates to be used by the owner for strategic planning on this critical infrastructure facility.  A challenging issue was the high seismic hazard index compounded by liquefiable soils and high water table of the site, underlying heavy and complex concrete structures designed and constructed in the 1960’s.

  • Craigflower Pump Station, Capital Regional District, Victoria, BC, 2014-2015:  Lead Structural Engineer on a high lift sanitary pump station with deep well structure, designed for post disaster operational classification. Design was heavily influenced by architecture utilising concrete, masonry, steel and wood elements that produced a pleasing product in a sensitive residential zone of Victoria.
  • Whistle Bend Subdivision Water Recirculating Pump Station and Treatment Plant, Whitehorse, Yukon Government,
    YT, 2011-2014:
    Lead Structural Engineer and architectural design for the new Whistle Bend sewerage and water pump lift stations serving a new subdivision in Whitehorse, Yukon, designed for post disaster requirements related to earthquake to meet the 2012
    National Building Code of Canada requirements. The project was constructed and completed in 2014 and included concept
    planning, detailed design, cost estimation, construction specifications, tender documentation, construction drawings, construction quality assurance and commissioning.
  • Carcross/Tagish Water Treatment Plant Upgrades, Yukon Government, YT, 2010-2011: Lead Structural Engineer and architectural design for upgrades of a water treatment plant, designed for post disaster requirements related to earthquake to meet the 2012 BC Building Code requirements.  The project was constructed and completed in 2012 and included concept planning, detailed design, cost estimation, construction specifications, tender documentation, construction drawings, construction quality assurance and commissioning.
  • Ashnola Domestic Water Upgrades, Silkameen Indian Band, Keremeos, BC:  Lead Structural Engineer and architectural
    designer for a water supply system, including treatment plant and a replacement steel reservoir. A feasibility study was completed to decide on enlargement of an existing 30-year old steel reservoir versus replacement with a larger new tank. The full task included
    concept planning, detailed design for post disaster requirements related to earthquake to meet the 2012 BC Building Code requirements, cost estimation, construction specifications, tender documentation, construction drawings. Construction quality assurance and commissioning are anticipated in the near future.
  • Water Treatment Plant Upgrades, Little Shuswap Indian Band, Tappen, BC, on-going:  Lead Structural Engineer and architectural design for upgrades of a water treatment plant, designed for post disaster requirements related to earthquake to meet
    the 2012 BC Building Code requirements. The project included feasibility reports, concept planning, detailed design, cost estimation, construction specifications, tender documentation and construction drawings. Construction quality assurance and commissioning are
    anticipated in the near future.
  • Quaaout Water System Upgrade, Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band, Chase, BC, on-going: Lead Structural Engineer and architectural design for upgrades of a water treatment plant, designed for post disaster requirements related to earthquake to meet the 2012 BC Building Code requirements.  The project included feasibility reports, concept planning, detailed design, cost estimation, construction specifications, tender documentation and construction drawings. Construction quality assurance and commissioning are anticipated in the near future.
  • Water System Upgrade, Osoyoos Indian Band, Oliver, BC, on-going:  Lead Structural Engineer and architectural design for a water supply system, including treatment plant and a replacement steel reservoir. A feasibility study was completed to decide on enlargement of an existing 30-year old steel reservoir versus replacement with a larger new tank. The full task included concept planning, detailed design for post disaster requirements related to earthquake to meet the 2012 BC Building Code
    requirements, cost estimation, construction specifications, tender documentation, and construction drawings. Construction quality assurance and commissioning are anticipated in the near future.
  • Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant, Metro Vancouver, North Vancouver, BC, 2015: Lead Structural Designer for the new steel thickener no 4, including feasibility reports and detail construction specifications for a pre-engineered steel structure. Design objectives included post disaster status to remain operational after an earthquake on liquefiable geology. Site-specific response spectra criteria were used.
  • Northwest Trunk Western – Craigflower Pump Station, Capital Regional District, Victoria, BC, 2006-2014:  Lead Structural Engineer of Record for a team of four.  The post disaster strategic infrastructure facility has pleasing architectural features with glass, wood and architectural masonry and special concrete finishes, in a residential zone.  Project also included a high seismic hazard index and a 10 m deep basement structure.
  • Whistle Bend Sewer Lift Pump Station, Yukon Government, Whitehorse, YT, 2012-13: Lead Structural Engineer of Record for a new post disaster strategic infrastructure facility in a residential zone; 9 m deep basement structure.

Inspection and Assessment-Reports of Liquid Containment Reservoirs

  • Hickory Drive, City of Port Moody 10 ML, 2013 and 2015:  Lead Structural Engineer for condition assessment inspections and report with upgrade recommendations to the owner. Task included physical inspection of the reservoir.
  • Ridley Island reservoirs 7 ML x 2, Prince Rupert Port Authority, 2013-2015: As Lead Structural Engineer conducted physical condition assessment inspections and reports with upgrade recommendations and cost estimates for the owner.  Provided quality assurance construction reports during the upgrade construction project.
  • Water Reservoirs, Regional District Nanaimo, BC, 2010:  As the Lead Structural Engineer of Record provided the conceptual structural design and oversaw the detail engineering to construction stage for two new potable water reservoirs.  Each rectangular concrete reservoir, designed to 4.5 ML, 6 m deep, partly below grade in a high seismic hazard zone.
  • Courtenay Reservoir, East #2, Comox Valley Regional District, BC, 2010:  Structural Engineer responsible for the project management and construction administration.  Also involved in the conceptual and detail structural design, including alternative designs, cost estimates, bidding, permits, environmental measures and construction administration.  Project involved circular post-tensioned standpipe-type concrete tank for 7.6 ML potable water.
  • Crown Isle Reservoir, Comox Valley Regional District, Courtenay, BC, 2009:  Responsible for the project design management and construction administration, for a circular bolted steel tank for 4 ML potable water.  Also involved in the conceptual and detail structural design, including alternative designs, cost estimates, bidding, permit, environmental measures and construction.
  • Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre, Regional District of Nanaimo, BC, 2008:  As the Lead Structural Engineer of Record, responsible for the structural concepts and detail design development for gravity thickener upgrade.  Project included twin concrete tanks, 5 m deep, connected by a pump room, all founded on deep pile foundations in a high seismic hazard zone and liquefiable soils.
  • Mission Hill Water Treatment Plant, Greater Vernon Water, Vernon, BC, 2006:  Lead Structural Engineer for detailed design of new 60 ML/d water treatment plant and pump station.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Facility, Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, Calgary, AB, 2007:  Lead Structural Engineer for detailed design of sodium hypochlorite facility as part of upgrade to City’s 450 ML/d water treatment plant.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, Kitimaat Village Council, BC, 2006:  Lead Structural Engineer for assessment of condition of septic tanks, including design recommendations and cost estimates for structural upgrades.
  • Shawatlans Hydro Development Project, Prince Rupert, BC, 2006:  Lead Structural Engineer for re-development of Shawatlans Power Station.  Assessed the structural integrity of the existing powerhouse structure and building.
  • Furry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade, Furry Creek, BC, 2007:  Structural Engineer for detailed design of 600 m3/d treatment plant expansion to service a population of 1100.  The facility includes a pump station, screening facility, tanks, operations building, and outfall.
  • Chimoio Reservoir 6 Ml and Pressure Tower 1 Ml, Mozambique, Africa, 2011:  Project Structural engineer of record for
    posttensioned concrete tank and elevated concrete storage tower, providing the conceptual structural designs, detailed designs, and specifications, construction quality control assistance on prestressed concrete and deep foundations during construction.
  • Kwamashu Reservoir, Durban, South Africa, 2010:  10 ML prestressed concrete reservoir on deep foundations with dome roof and moderate seismic loading. Project Structural engineer of record including the conceptual structural designs, detailed designs, and specifications, construction quality control assistance on prestressed concrete and deep foundations during construction.
  • Palmiet Reservoir, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2012:  10 ML prestressed concrete reservoir with dome roof and moderate seismic loading. Project Structural engineer of record including the conceptual structural designs, detailed designs, and specifications, construction quality control assistance.
  • Omdurman Water Supply Treatment Plant, Khartoum, Sudan, 2010:  Structural Engineer of Record responsible for design of all the process structures on this DBO project, with international stake holders, for provision of potable water to the City of Khartoum and
    region.  Provided guidance to the project team on development of concepts and construction methodologies that suit the remote location in Africa.  Total value $150 M.  Design elements comprised of:
    · River Intake structure (five-storey steel frame, 12 m high, 50 m long) in the Omdurman River.  Structure consists of adjustable pump floors, surge tanks, pipe manifold anchorages, walkways, stairs and pile foundations.
    · Concrete post-tensioned circular reservoir, concrete sedimentation tanks with novel precast fast-track elements, chlorination tanks with offices and maintenance stores on top, in-ground clarifier tanks and dosage structure, steel pipe bridge 50 m long (1.4 m dia. water pressure pipe) between the Intake structure and the process structures.
  • Victoria Seychelles Sewerage Purification Works, Seychelles Government, 1998:  Project Structural Director, providing the conceptual structural designs, detailed designs, and construction quality control of civil engineering, concrete and earth works, dams, tanks, pump stations, and outfall. Included site inspections and QC.  Project included purification of sewerage-to-ocean discharge for main plant at Victoria Bay on Mahe Island, Seychelles, Indian Ocean.  Project Value:  $50 M.
  • Bethanie Water Project in NW-Province South Africa for DWA-Magalies Water Board, 1996: Structural Engineer and Project Engineer for two circular, dome-roofed, concrete reservoirs on ground, each with 1.0 ML capacity.  Project Value:  $1.5 M.
  • White River Municipality South Africa, Sewage Works, Water Purification and Pressure Tower, 1992:  Lead Structural Engineer and Project Director for design of structures for 1 ML/day sewerage purification works, clean water plant, and elevated 33 m high, “wine glass”, concrete tower with 0.75 ML capacity, in seismic moderate hazard zone. Project Value:  $2 M.
  • Riebeeckstad South Africa, Reservoir and Pump Stations for OFS Water Board, 1985:  Lead Structural Designer and Project Director for 120 ML rectangular, post-tensioned, concrete tank 170 m long x 110 m x 7 m deep with pump stations.  Constructed and
    in-use from 1984.  The project was awarded by SAICE for excellence in 1985 and is still one of the largest of a kind internationally.  Project Value:  $12 M.
  • Barberton Waterway Tunnel, South Africa, 1987:  Lead Structural Engineer for the reinforced concrete tunnel lining, receiving and discharge structures, and ancillary structures. This 3 km long, 3 m diameter tunnel through mountain rock, lined with concrete conducts the main water supply to the Town Barberton in Eastern Province.  Project Value:  $6 M.
  • Warmbaths Dam Northern Province, South Africa, 1985:  Lead Design Engineer for the reinforced concrete face lining, overflow weir, discharge tunnel, and ancillary structures for 42 m high by 500 m long concrete-faced rock fill dam (CFRD).  Design build project.  Project Value:  $50 M.
  • Compilation of Numerous Combined Structures, South Africa:  Structural Designer and Project Director for miscellaneous small and intermediate reservoirs, tanks, purification works, and swimming pools over 30 years.  Project Value:  $100 M.
  • Deconstruction of Railway Station and Warehouse, North Vancouver, BC:  Lead Consultant to Metro Vancouver for deconstruction of de-commissioned buildings along a main railway.  The deconstruction included steel framed warehouse, concrete, wood and masonry and steel cladding contaminated with hazardous lead and PCB paint, and asbestos.  Responsibilities included cost estimates, specifications and bid documents, testing of potentially hazardous materials, and involvement on site during actual deconstruction with monitoring of recycling performance targets.  Value of deconstruction was $0.2 M.

Residential Developments

  • Yeast City Project, Pretoria CBD, South Africa:  Lead Structural Designer and Project Director for four-storey, residential apartment
    blocks for high density housing total 20,000 m2.  Project Value:  $40 M.
  • Numerous Residential Houses for Private Owners and Village Developers, Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa:  Structural Engineer for foundations and upper structures of approximately 300 luxury homes in brick, concrete, and masonry.  Many are multi-storey with basements and some are on dolomite unstable ground (sink holes and mash).  Project Value:  $350 K.
  • Mass Housing Projects for Government Agencies for Poor Landless People, South Africa:  Structural Designer and Project Director for approximately 5000 small four room (30-40 m2), detached units designed for mass produced minimum cost, normal safety standards.  Predominantly in brick walls and steel roofs.  Foundation conditions generally poor silts and unstable dolomite formations.
    Combined Value:  $250 M (government funded).

Continuing Professional Development

  • 2015: Training seminar by APEGBC on Organizational Quality Management and OQM certification
  • 2014: Seninar by APEGBC on CAN/CSA S832-06 Seismic Risk Reduction of Operational and Functional Components Of Buildings
  • 2013: Couse on CAN/CSA-S850-12 Design And Assessment Of Buildings Subject to Blast Loads, CSCE, April 23, 2013 Vancouver.
  • 2011: ASCE Web Seminar: Design on Overhead Cranes, A Newman June 07, 2011
  • 2011: Design and Inspection of Marine Facilities. P.Hudson P.E.
  • Formal Courses completed which are recognized by professional institutions APEG, APGGA, IStructE, SAICE, ECSA).
  • 2009:  Multi-storey wood buildings, BCBC provisions, seminar, Vancouver, SEABC.
  • Coaching for Commitment Skills, 2-day certificate course, Einblau Associates, Vancouver.
  • Seismicdesign for Masonry Buildings, half day seminar, Vancouver, SEABC.
  • 2008:  Canadian Timber Code and structural design, 12 lecture certificate course, passed exam.
  • 2007:  Canadian Masonry Code and Design, 12 lecture certificate course, passed exam.
  • Project Management Bootcamp 1 (PSMJ) (2-day certificate course).
  • Seismic Engineering, Time History Analysis(2-day certificate course UBC).
  • 2006 Seismic Retrofit of Buildings, 12 lecture certificate course, examination pass, SEABC.
  • Dynamic Writing (Clear Communication Consultants) (2 day course).
  • Blast Engineering Design, pre-conference course, SEI-2006, St Louise, USA.
  • 2005 National Building Code of Canada (theoretical background, commentary and objectives, 12 lecture certificate course, examination pass, SEABC.
  • 2004:  Blast Effects Analysis, Design & Mitigation Seminar, 3 days, certificate, in Richmond BC, by Karagozian & Case.